This web page will contain scanned copies of the solutions of

       the homework problems corresponding to the class of

       Prof. Dagotto (Spring 2016). The solutions will be placed

       in this web page after the deadline day for each homework.


Homework 1        Problem 1 Problem 2  Problem 3  Problem 4 is a glance problem

                             Problem 5 is very easy to do, thus no explicit solution given here


Homework 2       Problem 1 is basically in the notes of the professor on polar catastrophe

                            elsewhere in this web page.  Problem 3 Problem 4    


Homework 3        Problem 1   The solutions to problems 2-6 are in the scanned notes

                             of the professor, in the web page of the class.


Homework 4       Problem 1  Problem 3   Problem 4   Problem 5

                            Problems 2 does not need an explicit solution here.


Homework 5       Problem 1     Problem 2


Homework 6       Problem 1

                            For Problems 2 and 3, the steps are well outlined in the book

                            or you can consult my notes in the web page of the class.


Homework 7       Problem 1

                            The rest of the  problems in this set involve reading a Wikipedia link

                            and a PRL link, or deriving equations of the book with a clear

                            guidance on how to proceed, thus no need for an explicit solution.

                            Note that for the solution of the 4x4 system in problem 2 you are

                            allowed to use Mathematica or Wolfram Alpha or any other

                            equivalent software.


Homework 8       Problems 1 and 2 only require reading and writing a one page summary

                            The solutions of the other problems are: Problem 3   Problem 4   Problem 5.


Homework 9       Problem 1   Problem 2


Homework 10     Problem 3  


Homework 11     Problem 1